Disposable surgical cautery.

To cauterize tissues and small blood vessels during surgery.

Works with a self-powered sterile bipolar battery system designed for cauterization of small vessels.

3 pen models to choose from:

- fine or standard tip: maximum temperature of 1200 ° C; is used in gynecology, cardiology, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, ENT, urology, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery. ;

- at right point: maximum temperature of 800 ° C; allows the perforation of the nails in the event of hematoma.

Medical device classified CE, class IIb.

To complete your medical and surgical equipment, find at Securimed:

- Treatment sets and surgical drapes to respect sterility during treatment;

- the containers and accessories for placing the care equipment;

- DASRI collectors to safely recover Infectious Risk Treatment Waste;

- disposable medical gloves to avoid contamination of bacteria during surgery

Single use cauterizing pen.

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